With this year’s Winter Olympics rapidly approaching, now is the perfect time to consider preserving you and your family’s hard-earned sports achievements. A shadowbox is a great way to collect, combine, preserve, and display a multitude of items in way you’ll be proud to see and remember for years to come.

Shadowbox frames are different from other types of frames in that they are deep enough to house not just flat items–like a photograph or print– but three-dimensional objects as well. This provides us with the opportunity to collect several different types of items in one framed package. Simply gather up your favorite items and bring them to our shop. We’ll have a great suggestion for any occasion.

How about a photograph of you crossing the finish line at your first half-marathon? Include your runner’s bib and medal to commemorate your achievement and keep you motivated for your next big race. Or your high school baseball glove beautifully displayed on your office wall? The score-card, tee, and golf ball from your very first hole-in-one? Whether it’s a team accomplishment or a personal triumph, framing your sports memories will revive those feelings each time you see it.

Team sports are an important part of growing up for many children. Among other things, they learn teamwork, discipline and the rewards of hard work. Regardless of age or skill level, every child has had some pretty proud moments working and competing together. And what child wouldn’t love a beautifully designed framing package that shows off their athletic achievements? Preserve those memories in a custom framed collage! The child’s name, jersey number, team picture, varsity letter, school colors and MVP awards can all be incorporated to make the display uniquely theirs. You could even involve the child by enlisting his/her help during the design process. So gather up all those ribbons, medals, jerseys and trophies.

What better way to decorate your home than with your own treasures?