Custom Framing

What is suitable for our custom picture framing services? Well, just about anything! Our job isn’t only to make your art look great, we’re also here to give you framing ideas that inspire. When you bring a general idea to a creative professional like an Architect or an Interior Designer, the hope is that a working relationship will evolve, the project will mature and final product will exceed initial expectations. The same can be said for a skilled Custom Framer – we have the ability, resources and desire to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! For more in-depth information on the technical aspects of framing, please see the materials and techniques section of the website.

We’re conveniently located in Glenside, PA, just north of Philadelphia. 

Two-Dimensional Framing

  • Fine art (canvas, works on paper)
  • Posters and prints
  • Kid’s art
  • Maps (vintage and new)
  • Diplomas, certificates and awards
  • Photographs
  • Newspaper and magazine articles
  • Ephemera (letters, menus, ticket stubs etc.)
  • Needlepoint and cross stitch
  • Trading cards
  • Stamps & stickers
  • Advertisements


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The majority of what we frame is two dimensional art. These projects allow us to show some of our “old school” techniques such as French lines, French panels, paper panels, hand wrapped fabric mats, and a wide array of fillets and bevel accents. If you haven’t designed with these elements, get ready for “WOW”!

Here’s an example of how a simple framing project can turn into a cherished heirloom: A customer brings in a wedding photo she wants to reframe in celebration of her 20th anniversary. We pose the questions: “Do you have the original invitation? Do you have any objects you may have worn at the ceremony that you’d like to include…like a brooch? Would you consider adding a small piece of tulle from the vale in the framing package?” Eyes light up, and she returns the next day with half a dozen items and an idea for a small plaque to be included on the frame. Now it’s not just a photo, it’s an intriguing story.

There are also many business related items that are longing to tell a tale, but can’t because they’re stuffed away in drawers or closets. Graduated in 1993 and still don’t have your diploma hanging in your office? Had an article published in a professional journal? Received an award recognizing you as a leader in your field? Let your colleagues and clients know about your achievements…let these items speak for you!

Out of all the artwork we frame for customers, it’s kid’s art that provides the most sense of doing a real long-lasting service for someone. What could a bigger affirmation of a child’s talent than seeing their work professionally framed? Whether the piece is for your home or a gift for a friend or relative, it’s destined to be cherished for years if not decades to come. Recently, a parent reluctantly relinquished her child’s 1st grade art…because the kid was off to college and wanted to hang it in his dorm room! When deciding to frame art like this, PLEASE think archival…use good quality materials like rag mats and conservation glass. If you don’t, it’s a guarantee that in ten years you’ll wish you had.


Three-Dimensional Framing

  • Sports jerseys
  • Sporting items (bat, hockey stick, basketball)
  • Textiles (Communion dress, military uniform)
  • Books
  • Flags
  • Metals, badges and awards
  • Sculptures
  • Rocks, minerals and arrowheads
  • Plates and tiles


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The framing of three dimensional objects is achieved by taking advantage of the depth of a moulding and building up shadowbox walls between the glazing and the backing board. Even more depth can be gained by designing an acrylic “museum box” to project from the front of the frame. Textiles are mounted into shadowboxes with the use of fine thread, embroidery thread or monofilament. Mounting options for other objects may include heavy monofilament, mylar encapsulation, polyester strapping, bent rod mounts (copper rod with a plastic coating) and premade object mounts (for coins, golf balls etc.). To keep these types of items in original condition, glues or adhesives should never be used to mount them.

Many simple orders morph into elaborate shadow box orders. Do you have a few years worth of beach house photos, but just can’t pick one, two or even five? Design a shadowbox with a dozen photos, a handful of seashell, add sea glass and beach tags, and “voila!” you’ll have warm vacation memories for years to come!

One intriguing job we did was for a surgeon who invented a new scalpel that was featured in a trade journal. He brought the article in to be framed. After a couple of consultations, the final frame included the journal article, a copy of the patent, a brass plaque with the patent information, and THE ACTUAL TOOL ITSELF! This framing project went from a mere article to an office centerpiece.

Designer Elements

Fine custom framing is not only for art, it can also greatly enhance designer elements such as mirrors, cork boards and dry erase boards. How about framing your flat screen TV? We’ve done this, and it looks amazing! It’s hard for a home or business owner to visualize the statement a piece like this can make in a space, so the next time you’re looking through a design magazine, take a look for these elements. You may say to yourself “How would that living room look without that grand mirror above the fireplace?” or “Isn’t that corkboard a cleaver idea for that kitchen nook!”


Restoration and Repair

The ravages of time, careless storage and close proximity to poor framing materials can wreak havoc on artwork. Paper can yellow, become acidic, rip and develop mold spots (foxing). An oil painting can get dirty, crack and peel, suffer paint losses, or even have large rips. Wonderful old frames may have a deteriorating varnish, be missing ornamentation or perhaps need regilding. Fortunately we have the answer, and you’ll be amazed at the problems that can be corrected!

These are services above and beyond framing that we don’t personally handle so, for your convenience, we offer professional paper conservation, painting conservation and frame restoration through local qualified experts. Just bring your piece in for a free no obligation quote!

Other Services

If you’re a do-it-yourself kind of person, we’re here to help with our select framing services. Perhaps you need a few charts drymounted for a business presentation, or a pane of glass cut for the garage window…take advantage of all we have to offer…no job is too small!

  • Dry mounting
  • Glass or acrylic cut to size
  • Mat cutting
  • Lamination
  • Shrink wrap or mylar wrap
  • Plaques and engraving


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

– Pablo Picasso