So you’ve got great artwork or a memory that you want to keep forever and hang on your wall for everyone to see. Now what? We understand that custom picture framing can at times be an intimidating process. With thousands of samples to choose from, and many factors to take into consideration, things can become overwhelming pretty quickly. Thankfully, your dedicated framers are expert designers with years of experience to help your project look its best for years to come.

Credential and certificate framing designed for a Dentist’s office. Notice how the consistency in frame style and symmetrical display makes a professional statement. A two hook hanging system that won’t be “bumped” out of level is recommended for a public display like this.

A small amount of preliminary work on your end can help us visualize your project, and help bring that vision to fruition. Here are the steps you can take to properly prepare for your framer:

  • Where will your art be hanging?
    • Is the piece for your home or office? Or maybe it’s a gift for a friend, or part of an art exhibit?
    • Will this be a centerpiece for your living room?
    • Something bright and cheery for a newborn’s nursery?
  • What style should we be framing to?
    • Is the feeling of your home or office relaxed or formal?
    • Is your taste classic or more contemporary?
    • If it’s for a show, do they have restrictions on frame size or color?
  • How much light will this piece be getting?
    • We always recommend UV protective glazing to limit deterioration of your art, but you may also want to consider a non-glare or anti-reflective product.
  • High traffic area?
    • A busy hallway or child’s room may call for non-breakable acrylic glazing.
    • A public space may require theft-deterrent security installation hardware.

At the design counter, we’ll narrow our choices and fine tune the design. For this Egyptian Goddess, we’re choosing between several textural black and silver mouldings with neutral mats and a possible fillet. Which one do you like?

For those that may be interested in dipping their toes into the design pool before taking the full plunge, there are several tools to help you get started. Long-time partner and industry leader Larson-Juhl offers a convenient online visualizer to help get your ideas out of your head and onto a virtual wall. You can easily upload your own photo and choose from hundreds of mat colors and moulding styles, and save those choices to review in person at our shop. Click this LINK to visit the “Framing Studio” visualizer. As an example, here’s a 2016 photo of our late shopdog “Peaches” in a virtual frame:

With the Larson-Juhl “Framing Studio” visualizer, you can pick your frame, mats and mat sizes, and even fillets!

Of course we are more than willing to help with this part of the process. But if you already have something in mind, or even if you have nothing in mind, it can be fun and enlightening to just explore the possibilities. Don’t let the thought of frame design be daunting…we’ll make it FUN!