The front of a strainer reinforced custom frameAt Custom Picture Framer of Glenside, we like to build frames that stand the test of time.
Some modern framing aesthetics call for mouldings that are VERY thin. In fact, some
are so thin they cannot support the weight of a framing package (art, matting, backing
and glass) alone. So, we add a strainer. The back of a strainer reinforced custom frame

What’s a strainer? A strainer is a wooden framework that is mounted into the back of a
frame to hold artwork in place and provide additional support to the overall framing
package. It also is easy to remove for inspection of artwork and refit – an important step
to maintaining any collection of value.
Cross section through a custom strainer reinforced frame

We use the strainers primarily for artists and institutions. But with the growing
popularity of narrow mouldings, we’re increasingly using this method for “everyday”
framing. And why not? It’s elegant, strong, and built to last. So consider taking
advantage of our latest promotion – give it a try for your next framing project! Special promotion for custom strainer reinforced frame