Custom Picture Framer Motto

Highest Quality and Honest Pricing!

When I was considering a “tag line” for Custom Picture Framer of Glenside, I really wanted to sum up my business philosophy in just a few simple words. The claim is nothing without the proof to back it up, so here’s the proof!

A client approached me about framing a football jersey for her boyfriend, and wanted a quote.  I detailed my “starting price” framing which includes a 40″ X 40″ black wood frame, conservation (99% UV filtering) glass, conservation matboard backing with 1″ shadowbox walls and completely reversible and archival sewdown mounting for $375 + tax (my regular retail price).  The best materials and techniques equals “Highest Quality”.  She was happy with the price as she had gotten a quote from a “Big Box” craft store with a framing department.  I won’t name names, but they ALWAYS have a sale going on for 50% or more off custom framing.  Their retail price quote was OVER $1,000!  Of course, the discount brought the price to $500.  This is a pricing game they’ve played for years.  In fact, they’ve been fined in some states for promoting a never-ending sale…illegal as well as unethical.  I want my customers to feel comfortable…to know I’m not pulling a fast one…that my pricing is, indeed, “Honest Pricing”.

This is a Larry Christenson Philadelphia Phillies jersey I recently framed.  He pitched in the 1980 World Series, and still lives and works in the Philadelphia area.  You’ll see I included the 1980 World Series patch, as well as a program and a signed baseball card (which are “encapsulated” to maintain them in mint condition).  A centerpiece for the “Man Cave”!!


Larry Christenson Phillies Jersey

A signed Philadelphia Phillies Jersey from the World Series champions of 1980 deserves archival framing!