One of the most exciting parts of being a framer is meeting new people who trust us enough to leave their precious memories in our hands. They come in to preserve and display the artwork, objects, and photographs that are important to them. There are many things that are “expected” to be framed. A diploma? Of course! It took a lot of hard work and money to earn that piece of paper, and it deserves to be displayed proudly. Wedding photos? Naturally – who doesn’t want to relive the memory of such a special moment every day? Costly artwork, limited editions, and investments can’t be enjoyed if they’re just sitting unframed in storage.

Of course it’s a thrill for us to frame a stunning work by a famous artist. But the projects we get the most excited about are the seemingly mundane objects that hold such a special place in the customer’s heart. These are the pieces they’ll treat with more reverence and respect than a Picasso.

An original artwork by a famous artist has a definitive monetary value that a dollar sign can be applied to. A child’s first Mother’s Day card they made in kindergarten has limitless sentimental value that is truly priceless and irreplaceable. Framing says “this is important to me and I want everyone to see it and know.”

We’re proud to preserve and present those special and definitive markers in people’s lives that may not hold much monetary value, but are priceless nonetheless. It takes a lot of trust to leave that first Mother’s Day card with us, and it’s a responsibility we do not take lightly. Just because that postcard from a street vendor only cost $1 doesn’t mean it isn’t special. The memories associated with these objects are what is important and what will remain to tell the story.

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